Be Awesome! “Being great at what you do doesn’t come from a policy manual, procedure or training, but from who you are… There is ROI in being awesome!“

Be Awesome! 

I am currently working full-time at Wintergreen Corporation as the Manager of Marketing & Design. I am fortunate to be surrounded by a dedicated group of professionals who are enthusiastic about developing brands and increasing sales, year after year.

You can also find me at where I focus on numerous WordPress and ecommerce projects. 

Abney Design: Small Business Website Design WordPress & Shopify
Spicy Red Chili: Restaurant Website Design

Corporate Branding

Your story, your culture, your beliefs, your brand. I have designed and/or contributed to the design, reputation and management of numerous logos and other forms of corporate identity.

Case Study: Logo Design

Corporate Branding - Wintergreen Corp Logos

Product Marketing

Being a leader in the industry, it is important to introduce new and exciting products as well as to continually improve old favorites.  And then…making customers love a product the’ve never knew they wanted!

Case Study: Kringle Tradition 5MMs | Laser Etched Motifs

Mesmerizing Motifs

Unique One-of-a-Kind, Laser Etched Motifs 

Great Lights Make Great Memories!

Kringle Traditions 5MM LED Lights


In late 2010 I was asked to take over the email marketing program for Christmas Lights, Etc, America’s most shopped online Christmas store. At the time I was told, “we are not sure email marketing is worth the time!” Since then the email marketing program has sent over 100 million emails, incorporated automated email responses, monetized transaction emails and generated over $13,500,000 in revenue giving it one of the highest ROI of any marketing program.

Email marketing program for Christmas Lights, Etc

2019 YTD Email Promotional Campaigns


Working with  the IT team, we have set up a system of identifying products that need reviews and customers that could give them. Using APIs and triggered automated emails to request reviews, our efforts have resulted in thousands of reviews across various product types.

With the launch of our new and improved showroom we’ve also begun to actively request Google My Business reviews from customers whom have recently visited.

List Growth

We’ve had steady list growth over the years using coupons as a lead generator. Everyone loves to save money!

However when we introduced a shopping spree we were able to generate over 38,000 new email list signups the first Christmas season. New customers from the shopping spree resulted in 2,769 orders and over $500,000 in new revenue.


Order confirmation, shipping updates and other order related emails have a very high open rate and customers have a tendancy to save them for future reference. We simply added a coupon for their next order which results in over $300,000 in sales per year.

Abandoned Cart

Again working with the IT team to capture abandoned cart details and trigger a series of emails in a workflow to gently nudge the customers to finish what they started!

Our abandoned cart campaign contributes to $150,000+ in new revenue annually.

Email Marketing - Jason Abney

Website & Product Marketing

Graphic &
Print Design

With the help of a great team, I manage and maintain a growing group of ecommerce & brand web properties. From daily promotional changes, landing page layouts, and UX/UI design changes, I am able to help drive sales and increase revenue in proven areas as well as repurposed products into off season success stories, see case study below. Since 2010 the company has grown from  $10 million in annual revenue to over $38 million in 2019, and I am proud to have played my part in that continuing growth.

Marketing Challenges
Of course it is important to see revenue numbers during the busy season increase year over year, but selling holiday lighting during the holidays is the norm. The challenge is how to sell holiday lighting during the off-season? 

Marketing Design & Graphics
From product brochures and sell sheets, email marketing design, website promotions and advertisements I am responsible for the creation and display of over 1,000 graphics a year. Here is a small sample of that work.

"We have the best looking emails in the industry. Period. I'll put Jason's work up against anybody..."

Frank S. ~ Director of Marketing

“Jason focuses on solving the problem at hand. He always develops a solution that addresses the concerns. This was seen in the dramatic increase in email revenue and the success of the A/B testing campaigns.”

Dustin L. ~ Director of Business Development